How does it work?

Using common everyday devices (tablets and desktop or laptop computers), you’ll complete a series of scientifically-validated, yet highly gamified and engaging cognitive tasks that take 1.5 – 3 minutes each. As soon as you’ve completed the assessment, a report will be instantly generated and available for your healthcare professional to review with you.  A copy of the report will be sent to you by email.

What Do These Tasks Measure?  

Your cognitive function is made up of at least four distinct domains that contribute to your quality of life: short-term memory, reasoning, concentration, and verbal ability. Review the tasks below to see which specific brain functions are measured with Creyos, and which everyday activities are affected by that brain function.  

Some tips for your first online cognitive  

Are you getting ready to take an online cognitive assessment through our clinic? Here are some tips to be set for success: 

1) Get comfortable 

2) Reduce distractions (turn off your phone!) 

3) Take your time with the instructions and familiarize yourself with the assessment tasks 

4) Complete every task in the same environment 

5) Don’t overthink it—do your best, but try to have fun!