Therapy & Observation Room

We have a therapy room with an attached observation room and a one-way mirror.

We have highly advanced cameras and a recording system installed in these two rooms.

While the therapist can observe the session through the one-way mirror, they can also record it.

These sessions can be streamed live through a secure link to any location if required for supervision or having a second opinion about the assessment or a therapy session. The recording can also be saved and shared in future according to the relevant and confidentiality policies.

The system has several different capacities.

All audio-video streams can be securely encrypted and transmitted from server to client. All videos can be recorded in a nonproprietary MP4 video format and are viewable on almost any computer or device. Each video is recorded in its entirety in a single file regardless of session length.

The system also has the capability of creating “Templates”. “Templates” allow clinicians to create unique data fields which are customizable for each group or type of assessment or therapy. The data fields capture specific session information to catalogue and index the video file. They create customization capabilities for different groups and disciplines.

The therapist can also have “Tags” for their recording during live observation or the review process. These points can have searchable descriptions associated with them.

These “markers” allow the therapist to quickly jump right to that point in the video like chapters in a DVD. The therapist can navigate through the video by clicking on the timeline or choosing any marker which may have been created during the observation mode.

These rooms can be used by therapists, students, or any other practitioner required to record their sessions with one of the highest quality systems available for reviewing them as part of their required supervision needs. Family Nurture clinicians will use these rooms, but external practitioners can also rent these rooms for a full day or hourly.

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