Medicare Rebates

Medicare rebates cover some of the cost of seeing a psychiatrist, psychologist or other allied health therapist.

The Family Nurture administration will ask you to pay the total amount for the appointment on the day of your consultation. You can claim your Medicare rebates at the clinic after your session and have a refund in your bank account (minus the gap fee).

You require to have a valid Medicare card and a valid referral from your General Practitioner or a medical specialist.

Your referral from your GP is for 12 months or indefinite for psychiatrists. However, a referral from a specialist only lasts for three months. Your GP may request a 12-month management plan on their referral letter (under Medicare item number 291). If there is any need for further sessions, you must obtain a new referral from your GP. Our psychiatrists do not accept 291 referrals as, in most situations, it is impossible to develop a comprehensive assessment and suggestion for 12 months of care in one session.

Medicare rebates are available for 50 sessions per year to any patient for seeing a psychiatrist. You receive a slightly larger refund once you or your family reach your Original Medicare Safety Net (through paying for eligible out-of-pocket medical expenses). So it means that you will have a lower gap fee. Medicare will let you know when you are about to meet that threshold.

Medicare Safety Nets

Medicare Safety Nets can help to lower your out-of-pocket medical costs for out-of-hospital services. Please refer to the following link for further details.

Medicare Safety Nets – Services Australia

Medicare Safety Net Registration and Amendment for Couples and Families form (MS016)

Use this form to register or amend your family’s details for the Medicare Safety Net.

The fees quoted should be considered a rough guide. Depending on their circumstances, there can be a difference in rebates between patients. Please contact Medicare directly if you want more detailed information regarding your entitlements with Medicare.

The total fee of assessments needs to be paid upfront at least two business days before your appointment for assessments. You can then either claim the Medicare rebate (if you are eligible) using the online service or take your invoice to Medicare to claim it. You need to register your bank details with Medicare before service to use the online service.