Medico-legal Services

Family Nurture psychiatrists, psychologists and allied health practitioners will not provide assessment for family court or any forensic assessment unless they express their agreement with this in a written form in advance.

If your family has current proceedings with the family court or any other legal proceedings or insurance claims, you need to disclose this upon the referral and before making your first appointment. If you do not disclose these involvements before the first appointment and do it after it, the clinicians in Family Nurture reserve the right to return your care to your referring doctor. They might not offer any further appointments.

If you have any court order in place for any reason that affects your or your child’s clinical care or puts any responsibility on the clinicians for disclosing information to others, you need to present these orders before making your first appointment.

We may also not accept new referrals, mainly for getting reports, letters, or completing non-clinical forms.