Family Nurture provided some information on the page to answer some of your frequently asked questions from the clinic.

Family Nurture follows all COVID-19 restrictions instructed by Queensland Government.

How often will I need to see a psychiatrist or my therapist?

Our psychiatrist, psychologist or other therapists are committed to understanding the unique difficulties of you, your child and your family through conducting a thorough clinical assessment. Additionally, they tailor all recommended interventions to address these difficulties. No strict criteria specify the length of the evaluation and the number of required consultations or treatment. Importantly, this process is largely determined by the nature of the clinical problem and your needs.

For that reason, our psychiatrists, psychologists or other therapists will discuss the estimated length of treatment with you at the end of your initial assessment session. They will review this with you regularly as treatment progresses during your session. They will provide you with information. Finally, they can answer your other frequently asked questions from a child psychiatrist during your sessions.

What do I bring to the first appointment?

Please bring your doctor’s referral

  • Any previous medical, psychological, or psychiatric reports
  • For children attending school, please bring any copies of school reports, other behavioural/functional assessment reports
  • A copy of all previous investigations, imaging, and medical letters
  • A copy of all discharge summaries or any other reports that you think might be helpful
  • Please also bring your Medicare card.

Do I need to pay for written reports?

Writing clinical reports attracts a cost. Medicare does not provide any rebate for these costs. This cost relates to the time taken to prepare and write the report. Please be aware that the cost of written reports is besides your consultation fees. If you require a written report about your consultation, you must pay for it before releasing it to you. Please keep this in mind if you need the report for an appointment with another professional. The timeframe for preparing a report varies depending on its type and your therapist’s availability.

(No charges apply to feedback letters our psychiatrist, psychologist, or other allied health therapists send to your referring GP or specialist)

A cost may be incurred for tasks that occur out of your consultation session. For example:

  • filling in forms
  • writing letters or reports
  • reading a significant amount of documentation
  • reading and responding to emails from you or on your behalf
  • all of which may be charged at a pro-rata rate.
  • Medicare will not pay for these services.

Our psychiatrists, psychologists and other therapists read your referral letter to accept the referral. Considering they provide care for several children, adolescents and their families, they do not have time during their working hours to read any additional reports, email correspondence, provided information, etc., before or after your consultation unless they agree with it during their consultation with you and allocate the extra time. Please consider this before making appointments. Reviewing these documents out of the consultation will be charged at the pro-rata rate with no Medicare rebate. Subsequently, when you send emails with additional information, they will not be reviewed until your next consultation.

All clinical inquiries need to be discussed during your consultation, so please do not expect any replies to your clinical questions by email. Please discuss your concerns with the administration team, who will try to accommodate you and provide you with an earlier appointment if required.

What are the payment options?

The clinic accepts all standard forms of payment, including Credit and Debit cards. The Family Nurture Administration can process a rebate claim directly to a debit card. If paying by credit card, we can also process a rebate claim back to the bank account associated with your Medicare card. Please ensure you have associated the correct bank account with your Medicare card via your MyGov account. It is essential to use this option to receive your rebate.

Is my psychiatrist or therapist the right one for me and my child?

Our psychiatrists and other therapists can conduct comprehensive clinical assessments. Therefore, they will tailor management approaches collaboratively. They can deliver therapies for a range of mental illnesses and psychological conditions. Finally, they do their best to understand your perspective and priorities, keeping them central to their recommendations for you and your child.

We understand that continuity of care is essential in psychiatric, psychological and therapeutic interventions, and establishing a trusting relationship with your psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist is a crucial part of the therapeutic process. While we strive to accommodate patient or family preferences, our psychiatrists, psychologists, and other therapists do not accept patients switching from a different psychiatrist or therapist within our clinic simply based on a change of mind. This is in place to ensure a stable and consistent therapeutic environment, which is vital for effective treatment. If there are specific concerns or issues with your current care, we encourage you to discuss them with your psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist to address them collaboratively. Should exceptional circumstances warrant a change, these can be reviewed on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the therapist involved. We are always happy to provide information about other available psychiatrists, psychologists, or therapists outside the clinic to obtain care or a second opinion.

Can I cancel my appointment?

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment. You can avoid cancellation fees by notifying the clinic at least two business days before your appointment. Please refer to the cancellation policy section for more details.

Do your psychiatrist and other therapists provide phone or email consultations?

Please refer to the telehealth section for more information. Our clinicians have different preferences. Different types of sessions require different needs, and not all types of consultation can be done over the phone or in the video.

Please refer to the telehealth section for more information.

Family Nurture clinicians do not provide any email consultation.

We highly recommend discussing your concerns with your GP between your appointments. If you do not have any ongoing appointments, please discuss this with your GP as well, as you might require a further review. Please appreciate that Family Nurture cannot provide emergency psychiatric or therapeutic care. Subsequently, we cannot respond to out-of-hours enquiries or emergencies. If you or your child are in imminent danger, please call 000 emergency services to ask for help.